A-dec 400

Treatment Centre

  • Contemporary design in a versatile package. Modest luxury with proven reliability. A-dec 400 marries form and function for superb patient and Dentist comfort and access. The ambidextrous compatibility of the Radius® delivery system brings flexibility and productivity to every treatment room. And when you consider its unique load-bearing pivoting armrests, contemporary chair design, and 60°swivel, you will see why A-dec 400 is an exceptional value.

Features include:

  • Ultra-thin backrest enables you to tuck your knees under the chair for optimal ergonomic access.
  • Robust two-position armrest design gives secure patient support, and stows easily out of the way for direct access by the dental team.
  • Vertical range of 1349-794mm accommodates stand-up dentistry.
  • Radius-style delivery and support modules rotate quickly and easily around the chair for complete left/right compatibility.

Standard Package

Features include:

  • A-dec 400 dental chair in smooth seamless upholstery
  • Chair mounted delivery system with standard touchpad, syringe, 3 x vinyl midwest tubings and standard tray holder
  • Cuspidor and support centre
  • Assistant‘s instrumentation featuring three position assistants vacuum arm (short) with syringe, saliva ejector and HVE outlets
  • Support centre mounted dental light