Estetica E80

KaVo offer dentists a treatment unit that makes optimised performance a daily standard for each patient.

More leg freedom and freedom of movement thanks to the suspended chair. The absolutely flexible harmonisation of the KaVo Estetica E80 to your body size, individual working positions and habits ensures that your posture is healthy, stress-free and relaxed. Patient positioning according to Trendelenburg. Depending on the tilt position of the backrest, the footrest of the patient chair either lifts or moves through an arc. The horizontal shift makes work easier. Your field of work, the patient‘s mouth, is positioned by the adjustment options of the KaVo Estetica E80 so that it is always in the same vertical plane even when you move the patient chair between the maxilla and mandible treatment positions.

  • Memodent keypad
  • 2 x fibre-optic handpiece outlets
  • multiflex lux coupling 465LRN
  • KL703 LED electric micromotor with torque control endo
  • Comfort base
  • Comfort drive
  • Standard tray
  • Rightside armrest
  • Dentist multifunction syringe
  • Nurse 3/1 syringe
  • Soft upholstery
  • Spittoon valve
  • KaVo 540LED light
  • Also available as cart E80C