Estetica E70

Practical comfort has a name – KaVo ESTETICA E70

In principle, quite simple. With intelligent, individualised and efficient components and functions that make life easier for you as a dentist. The Estetica generation is based on the revolutionary suspended chair approach. This unique approach enables a surprising degree of legroom for both you and your dental team.

Increased freedom, increased comfort. Correct working posture and optimum access for the dentist, especially when treating children. Comfortable position for persons over 1.90 m tall. Good shoulder support for patients over 1.95 m tall.

  • Memodent keypad
  • 2 x fibre-optic handpiece outlets
  • multiflex lux coupling 465LRN
  • KL703LED electric micromotor with torque control endo
  • standard tray
  • rightside armrest
  • dentist and nurse 3/1 syringe
  • soft upholstery
  • spittoon valve
  • KaVo 540LED light
  • Also available as cart E70C