Turbo-Smart - Two Surgery Unit

Cattani suction systems are renowned world-wide for their high-performance, reliability, ease of use and technical advancements. Dry-line, Wet-line and Semi-Wet systems are available and all are supplied with a 12 month guarantee.

Suction Motor with built in Amalgam Separator. Turbo-Smart automatically applies the correct vacuum to suit any procedure without compromising efficiency. The Turbo-Smart information centre (CPU) also keeps operators informed of any maintenance required before any interruption to practice schedules can occur. Depending upon the software incorporated the same unit can power either two or four surgeries. Comes complete with an amalgam separator to BS ISO 11143 (98.1% efficiency) and electronic level control. Only 390 x 350 x 630mm.


Turbo-Smart - Four Surgery Upgrade


Turbo-Smart - Micro

Single Surgery system with 3 preset speed controls, high flow and high vacuum with amalgam separation.