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Ambidextrous – as Standard!

Available with Chair Attached delivery module (Ambidextrous), or with Cabinet mounted or Cart delivery module.


Features include:
  • Internal Services (no separate service box nor trip hazard umbilical)
  • Seamless upholstery
  • Choice of headrest options
  • Entry/exit programme
  • Up to rinse and return
  • 3 User programmes
  • Trendelenburg movement
  • Swivel chair top
  • Control options available: Foot, Unit and Remote


Features include:
  • Touch panel controls (including Chair, Light and Spittoon)
  • Dual water bottles with switchover control
  • Up to 4 outlet positions plus triple syringe
  • Wide range of equipment options, including Fibre Optics, Micromotors, Curing Light, and Scalers
  • Ease of access for maintenance
  • Robust construction with smooth, easy to clean surfaces


Features include:
  • Available with or without suction manifold
  • Wide range of suction and amalgam separation options available
  • Hygienic one-piece ceramic top
  • Elegant, yet robust and rustproof casing
  • Touch control panels each side to suit ambidextrous usage


Features include:
  • Available Unit, Ceiling or Wall mounted
  • 'Vision‘ Halogen Light (with SENSO-matic hands free switching option)
  • ’Polaris‘ LED Light option