Score offer two sizes of saddle stools; the Amazone, with the smaller of the seats, and the Jumper, a wider seat base. Both come with the option of low or high gas lifts, and the option of a low backrest. The compact base makes this the ideal choice for users moving around objects. Score saddle chairs can be equipped with the unique adjustable Balance mechanism. The Balance mechanism moves in the direction of the center of gravity of the upper body, when the user adjusts his position. This way the spine and pelvis remain in balance and no extra pressure on the inside upper leg is created.

The Amazone has a narrower seat, usually more comfortable for women. Standard upholstered in black leatherette, however it is possible to upgrade to various Stamskin colours and various mechanism options.

Available in a variety of colours (Other colours available on request)

Amazone Low

Amazone saddle stool with seat tilt: 57 - 76cm

Amazone High

Amazone saddle stool with seat tilt: 64 - 89cm