The Soprocare utilises Direct Dock USB2 connectivity and unique patented fluorescent technology.

  • 3 Modes: Perio – Illuminates new plaque, old plaque, gum inflammation. Cario – For diagnosing caries. Daylight – A preset focus ring provides sharp images.
  • In Daylight mode, macro magnifies the image 100 times to reveal details not visible to the naked eye.
  • Wavelength 440-680nm.
  • Gives real time information without the need for patient preparation or calibration of the handpiece before the examination.
  • Twain device – Software only used to capture images, rather than to help diagnosis in Perio Cario mode and can work with other 3rd party software.
  • All in one device with no need to change camera heads – helping to combat cross infection and speed up examination time.