A-dec 500

Treatment Centre

  • When you need the best. A-dec 500 is dentistry‘s hallmark for treatment room comfort and performance. A-dec 500 gives you optimal ergonomics supported by a full range of integrated possibilities. And with a chair ride that is exquisitely smooth, you will see why A-dec 500 is unmatched in its graceful innovation.

Features include:

  • Outstanding comfort and support, plus an ultra-thin 25mm backrest for optimal oral cavity access and increased leg room.
  • Seamless ancillary integration to meet the changing needs of dentistry.
  • Self-contained 2-litre water bottle reduces risk of cross-contamination.
  • Anatomically shaped contours reduce patient pressure points.
  • Exceptional range of motion improves access, visibility and postures.
  • Integrated touchpad to give you easy control of chair, cuspidor, and dental light.
  • Control head pivot points provide superb instrument positioning.

Standard Package

Features include:

  • A-dec 500 dental chair in smooth seamless upholstery
  • Chair mounted traditional delivery system featuring standard touchpad (chair controller), tray holder, 3 x Midwest outlets - Fibre Optic
  • Cuspidor and support centre
  • Assistant‘s instrumentation featuring three position switched vacuum arm with syringe, SE & HVE outlets
  • Support centre mounted dental light