Soredex Cranex-3D

Digital Panoramic System

The Cranex-3D offers the dentist high performance with a versatile range of imaging programs along with superior image quality for a better diagnostics. The highly flexible unit can be purchased as a digital panoramic unit that is fully upgradeable with 3D option, Ceph option and also has One or Dual sensor options. Dental practitioners may prefer a Midi FOV, which is also available.

  • The flat-panel sensor offers superior image quality due to its large dynamic range, better contrast, lack of image distortion and true diagnostic value in traditional panoramic and advanced 3D imaging.
  • Combines low dose, fast imaging, high diagnostic accuracy and excellent signal-to-noise ratio.
  • 3D imaging shows detailed anatomical structures with 3-D reconstructions and cross-sectional views. Cranex-3D panoramic imaging brings a full range of applications for general dental diagnostics with correct imaging geometry and a versatile range of panoramic programs.
  • Dedicated panoramic CMOS sensor enabling full panoramic image size and geometry in each panoramic program.
  • The cephalometric imaging offers programs for orthodontic treatment planning and oral surgery, and has a dedicated CMOS sensor for projection images.
  • ClearTouch control for simple operation.
  • Gives accurate information regarding bone structures, fractures, impacted teeth, third molars, TMJ and abnormal anatomy - ideal for implant planning and minor surgical procedures.
  • Two selectable fields of view and two resolution selections, combining diagnostic accuracy, fast imaging and low dose.
  • Rigid 4-point positioning system allows for easy adjustment and the self-locking temple supports ensure stable and accurate patient positioning in a standing or sitting position.
  • Complete with imaging software package.