Pax-i 3D

Your First Partner in 3D Diagnosis

The Pax-I 3D is the very latest in Digital OPG & 3D CBCT dental Imaging from Vatech, incorporating the very best in UD (Ultra Definition) sensor technology to produce unrivalled image quality. Fully motorised functionality, ease-of-use and stunning razor sharp image quality make the Pax-I 3D a superior system. The Pax-I 3D offers 8 program modes in 2D OPG mode and in CBCT mode it offers multiple FOV of 5 x 5cm, 8 x 5cm, 8 x 8cm and is upgradable to 12 x 9cm giving you greater flexibility and future proofing your investment.

  • Unique CBCT sensor that delivers high resolution 3D x rays for better diagnosis.
  • Fast scan time and new pulsed generator for lower patient dose
  • Normal resolution for implant cases and high resolution for complex endo, perio and surgical cases
  • Small 5x5cm FOV, medium 8x5 FOV, larger 8x8 FOV ensures you get the optimum image for your clinical area of interest and the patient gets the lowest possible radiation dose.
  • Intuitive software that guides you through every the process of image capture.
  • Simple patient positioning ensures you get the image you need.
  • Real time image is displayed during capture so that you can double check the image is of the right area.
  • Powerful Ez3D-i implant planning software is a superb tool for analysis and treatment planning.
  • Images are also compatible with other software e.g. Nobel Guide & Simplant
  • Images can be burned to CD or transferred to a memory stick for easy transfer to other practices.
  • Reduce risk and offer more treatments