Vistacam ix

High frequency DC X-ray system for Intra-oral radiography. Features; 0.4 mm small tube focal spot for maximum detail recognition with minimum distortion. Consistent radiation emission. Accurate, short exposure time for best compatibility with digital receptors. Both short and long cone fully integrated with tubehead for best performance and easy cleaning. Complete and simple control panel one key, one function. Unique QuickSet tubehead controls: easy operating technique changes or verification at any time. Easy customization available: film/digital, cone length setting. Ergonomic tube head design makes positioning easy, accurate and fast.

  • Highest image quality and depth of field.
  • Interchangeable heads provides the best prerequisites for all applications.
  • Macro or intra-oral images - even in the diagnosis of caries.
  • DBSWIn imaging software: caries and plaque filters show caries activity using a colour scale with a numerical evaluation of between 0 and 3. Ideal for the early detection of caries and the visualisation of plaque.
  • Curing light head available.